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How can I send a testimonial to Pole Dance 411?  Tell us how you feel about Pole Dance 411!  Send an email to with a testimonial or comment of your experience at Pole Dance 411.  Whether good or bad we would love the opportunity to read what you have to say to make our business better!

Where can I rate Pole Dance 411?  Rate Pole Dance 411 on, and,, Click the links on the Articles & Testimonials page to rate Pole Dance 411 now.

I would like to write an article about Pole Dance 411 who should I contact?  To write an article on Pole Dance 411 and its exciting programs, instructors or classes contact us at with your story idea and your contact info.

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How can I be considered as an instructor at Pole Dance 411 Studios?  To apply to be an instructor at Pole Dance 411 simply submit your resume to  We prefer at least 3 years of teaching experience.

How frequently do you hold auditions for instructors?  We  hold auditions for new instructors quarterly but we accept resume’s all year around.

Are you hiring for administrative positions?  Pole Dance 411 reviews resume submissions monthly.  If we are not hiring now we like to keep resume’s on file for when we are.  If you are interested in being considered for a position at Pole Dance 411 be sure to email your resume’ to

How often do you look for interns or work study personnel?  Pole Dance 411 takes on new interns and work study personnel monthly.  Review our interns page and workstudy page for submission instruction here.

What is the difference between internship and workstudy? Please see our internship and workstudy pages for details here.

How do I become an intern?  Be sure to visit our internships page for all of the info.

How do I do a workstudy?  Be sure to visit our work study page for all of the info.

How can I apply to Pole Dance 411 Studios?  To apply for a position at Pole Dance 411 Studios, email your resume to We will review your resume’ and call you when we are hiring for an interview if you fit the criteria. 

How can I become an instructor at Pole Dance 411 Studios?  Dance 411 Studios holds auditions for new instructors quarterly.  The first step to consideration is by sending in a photo and resume’ via email and/or fax to

What positions do you hire for?  Pole Dance 411 Studios hires for a variety of positions such as:  interns, work study, administrative positions, management and instructors.

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How can I register for a class?  Click on the class of your choice on the calendar to register for your class or series of classes today! 

What classes do you offer?  Pole Dance 411 Studios offers a variety of dance classes.  Check out our class schedule for a day to day breakdown of the classes offered. 

How much are your classes? If you are a first timer, click here to register and receive an email for $5 OFF your first class. Please note this is for first time visitors only and excludes specialty and pole classes.  Ladies Liberation Non-Pole classes are $20 and pole drop in classes are $25.  Pole Dance 411 Studios also offers a variety of memberships and class cards for your convenience.  Visit our fees pages for more info.

How often does your schedule change?  Check our schedule monthly for updates but most changes take place quarterly.  Also, be sure to join our mailing list so that you can receive updates on classes and events at Pole Dance 411.

Are we adding more weekend classes? We are always updating the class selection please reference the online calendar for the most up to date options.

When are we going to be holding a professional level hip hop class again? Dance 411 holds many professional level classes, including master and specialty classes year round!

Can you give me more info on your pole dancing classes?  Click here for a full schedule of classes, series programs and drop in classes!

When is the next pole series?  Click here for all series info and to register for classes.

Where can I get dance attire?  Visit our online store for the clothes you may need for your classes!  If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website be sure to drop in to our studio for we have items for sale in our retail store.

Do you offer a daycare or a place for kids?  We do not offer a daycare service, however there is a comfortable lobby/lounge area for supervised children and we offer coloring books and some toys to keep the kids busy.

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Do you offer memberships?  Yes, we do.  We have a variety of memberships to choose from.  Be sure to visit our memberships page for further details and to join!

How much is it to take class at Pole Dance 411?  Be sure to visit our fees page for a list or prices for classes and to register.  We also offer a first time discount that you can register for on each of our pages of the website.

Do you offer family memberships?  No, currently we do not.  Pole Dance 411 rates are so affordable we are confident that you will still find a membership that will work within your budget for you and your family members.

Do you offer group rates?  Absolutely we do! Our group rates start at 5 or more and vary depending on the class you are wanting to take.  Call us at 404.622.4110 for more info or send us an email to and a Pole Dance 411 representative will respond to you within 48 hours.

What are your prices for private lessons?  Rates may vary but usually start at $75/hour depending on what style of dance the lesson is for and the number of people.  We also do offsite lessons if requested.

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What steps do I take to rent space at Pole Dance 411 Studios?  Visit our studio rentals page and fill out the request form.  A Pole Dance 411 representative will then contact you to secure your rental and walk you through the steps.

Are their specific rental hours and days in which I can rent @ Pole Dance 411?  Pole Dance 411 Studios space is available per request only, subject to availability.  If you are interested in renting outside of regular business hours be sure to put in your request early.

What are your rental rates?  Depending on the hours and days the rental rates may vary.  A representative will contact you to review.

How much is the security deposit to rent your facility?  Security Deposits vary based off the areas you are interested in renting.  A Pole Dance 411 representative will contact you to further discuss once you have filled in your request form on our studio rentals page.

Do you rent the studio for anything other than rehearsals?  The Studio is available for castings, workshops, masterclasses and many other events.  Email us with your event and we will get back to you with rental info.

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CONTACTING Pole Dance 411:

How do I stay in the loop of updates with Pole Dance 411?  Be sure to join our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletters which will contain all studio updates and great tips for dancers!